# Contribution

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# Financial contribution

If you find this project helpful and would like to support its development, please consider making a financial contribution.

ERC20 Token
ERC20 Token: 0x0021395954710

Your support is greatly appreciated and will help us continue to improve and expand the project! Thank you!

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# Code contribution

If it is the first time for you to have contribution, you can claim a small task on the Issues (opens new window) to quickly participate in community contributions.

You can reply to the intention issue to express your willingness to contribute, then follow the GitHub workflow guidelines below to resolve the issue and submit the PR according to the specification, which will be merged to the branch after the review.

The following workflow participation contributions are recommended:

  1. Fork the repository to your own GitHub and clone it locally for development
  2. Create new branches and develop on new branches
  3. Keep the branch consistent with the remote develop branch (via fetch and rebase)
  4. Commit changes locally (don’t forget to describe it in the commit log)
  5. Push the submission to the repository of the fork
  6. Create develop branch of pull request to fluid-dev/hexo-theme-fluid
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# Contributors

contributors (opens new window)

English docs translator: @EatRice (opens new window) @橙子杀手 (opens new window) @Sinetian (opens new window)

Contributors outside PR: @zhugaoqi (opens new window) @julydate (opens new window)